Underpinning is the support and stabilisation of your building’s slab foundations as the result of movement or if you are adding an extra story and just need that additional load bearing support. Whilst it is a complex and specialist trade, you can be rest assured that with Link Building Systems’ extensive experience and qualified tradesmen,

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Playground Inspections & Repairs

Our qualified inspectors can perform your Operational (maintenance) and Comprehensive (audit) Inspections. Providing you with a report to enable you to ensure you equipment is compliant with the current Australian Standards and as safe as possible. As the Victorian agent for Miracle Recreation Equipment, we can supply and replacement damaged or non-compliant equipment components as

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Hydro Excavations

Hydro Excavation is a specialist service that is used to excavate and expose services close to sensitive assets. By way of non-destructive digging, we use water and suction to erode the soil and remove the silt. This allows us to expose the service in question without the risk of damage. Hydro excavation also allows us

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